My Story

fool with a goat

I'll tell you

...because everyone has a story.

My story:

I've been through a lot in my life. I was who I was and I am who I am now. In fact, I have always been "ME" and it is only the image I have created of myself that has made me different. Many would give anything for the happiness and freedom... that I have today. I was born in 1966 in a small village in Tolna county, in rather poor circumstances. I had six siblings, I was the youngest in the family. My father was blind, my mother illiterate. They were people deported from Transylvania. Unfortunately they are no longer alive.
My mother gave birth to me quite late, at the age of 42. I was an extremely naughty, mischievous child, which meant I was often disciplined at school and my father always punished me (physically), if I was not respectful or obedient. At that time, violence as a form of education was not far from people's minds, even in school.